Food Safety

Food Safety is priority one at Cabbage Inc.

Our Goals: Cabbage Inc. is committed to providing the best possible food safe products in the produce industry. Cabbage Inc. uses Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s) through out the entire range of growing, harvesting, and shipping.

Our Methods: We employ a series of inspections, checklists, and training to constantly monitor our range of products. All products are inspected at field level, at the receiving level, and at the shipping level. All inspections are documented and the inspections are monitored by our supervisors. Our attention to our inspection programs keeps Cabbage Inc. always alert to potential food safety issues.

Our People: Cabbage Inc. is a people oriented company that places a great value on food safety. All employees of Cabbage Inc. are aware of the need to employ Good Agricultural Practices and are required to follow these practices. It is the policy of Cabbage Inc. to not allow exceptions in any area of food safety.

Our Partners: All partners of Cabbage Inc. are requires to follow Good Agricultural Practices from soil preparations, water and fertilizer applications, harvest practices, as well as transportation, storage and shipping procedures. Cabbage Inc. monitors these procedures through use of a full time staff member who inspects all locations. The staff member reports directly to the president of the company. Locations who do not meet Cabbage Inc.’s requirements for food safety are not allowed to ship products until such time as they are re-inspected and meet the necessary criteria for food safety.