Product Line


We are now shipping Kale from various locations to provide a year-round supply. Talk to our sales department about our quality, value added opportunities and our food safety standards.  


Collard greens will now be available on a year-round bases to accompany kale and the other varities of cabbage

Red, Green, Napa, and Savoy cabbage:

Known for our year-round supply of binned cabbage for the processing sector, we have expanded to be a full line carton grower/ shipper.

We offer contract pricing on cartons as well as our binned and line ready (cored )  cabbage products. Private label packing is also available.

We offer custom growing,  contract pricing and open market sales  and availability is split first beginning in  early to mid-November through December,  then again in late February through  April, weather permitting.

We also offer share cropping programs. Contact Garry Zehe @ 440-250-3133  Mark Jewell @ 440-785-8768  in our sales department with any questions.